Popular Shirt Brands in India

Top 10 Popular Shirt Brands in India

Indians have an exclusive place in their hearts and closets for shirts because they effortlessly combine comfort and style. There are so many options available that it's important to find out which shirt brands are the most widely recognized in the Indian fashion industry. Let's take a trip through the world of fashion to find the top 10 popular shirt brands in India, each with a distinct allure and charm.

These top 10 popular shirt brands in India will provide an excellent combination of quality, innovation and style which have made a name for themselves in the competitive world of fashion. These well-known companies provide something for everyone whether your style is for modern designs, timeless classics or relaxed vibes.

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Come along as we examine the design, craftsmanship, and distinctive attitude of these legendary businesses as we discover their tales. Every top shirt brand in India pushes the boundaries of fashion to historical identities built on traditions which adds a unique flavour to the Indian fashion scene.

Our goal in conducting this exploration is to recognize these companies that have come to symbolise elegance and style while also celebrating the diversity and creativity of Indian fashion. Let us take you on an exciting tour of the top 10 popular shirt brands in India while you kick back as well as unwind and immerse yourself in the world of Indian shirts.

Top 10 Popular Shirt Brands in India

Here we have found out the best shirt brands. So here's a list of the top 10 popular shirt brands in India:

1. Ozmod

Ozmods smart casual shirts offer smartly dressed attire that can easily be worn in office at day and in parties at night thus reducing the hassleness and fatigue caused due to stress of changing multiple attire within a day. Ozmod shirts are cheaper and more reliable as it offers full satisfaction to its customers.

2. Allen Solly

Allen Solly offers a colourful range of shirts suitable for both formal and casual use according to the fashion tastes of the modern Indian. Allen Solly is renowned for its stylish styles and vibrant colour palette which makes sure that its shirts effortlessly blend comfort and style to suit a variety of events and tastes.

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3. Van Heusen

Van Heusen's carefully crafted shirts are the epitome of classic elegance and grace. Van Heusen shirts which are widely recognized for their excellent tailoring and excellent materials which have a refined style that appeals to both professionals and fashion enthusiasts by raising the bar for traditional menswear in India.

4. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is known for its exquisite craftsmanship as their shirts are subtle yet elegant. Louis Philippe shirts are a preferred option for formal occasions and premium parties because of their emphasis on excellent fabrics and exquisite detailing which appeal to a selective customer by seeking quality and refinement.

5. Peter England

Featuring trendy and reasonably priced men's shirts Peter England is an outstanding example of easily accessible fashion. Peter England provides a wide selection of designs that range from classic styles to modern trends which satisfy the various tastes of Indian customers and guarantee that everyone can discover their perfect shirt without sacrificing quality or elegance.

6. Mufti

This brand comes under best shirts brands in india online fashion-forward youth by breaking the mould with its uncommon and edgy shirt designs. Mufti shirts are favourite among fashion icons and modern youths looking to make a statement with their apparel because of their distinctive patterns, prints and decorations. They offer a bold statement for people who dare to exhibit their originality.

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7. Arrow

With an extensive range of classic pieces and sophisticated shirts, Arrow sets an example for business wear. Arrow shirts are renowned for their elegance and attention to detail which makes them a favourite between executives and corporate professionals who desire to project a polished image that inspires respect and admiration in the workplace.

8. Raymond

Known for his exquisite tailoring and use of premium fabrics, Raymond is byword for quality and craftsmanship. Raymond shirts are known for their reputation for excellence in menswear and people who appreciate high craftsmanship and refined style choose to wear them because of their sophistication and elegance.

9. Indian Terrain

Featuring assortment of outdoor-inspired casual shirts, Indian Terrain captures the spirit of adventure. Indian Terrain shirts are made for the urban explorer by combining style and effectiveness to create tough and stylish clothing which appeals to people who want excitement and adventure in their daily life.

10. Wrangler

Wrangler offers demanding, long-lasting shirts for the adventurous person which appeals to adventurous individuals. Wrangler shirts with an emphasis on authenticity, quality and provide the ideal balance of fashion, utility which makes them luxury shirt brands for people who love the natural world and want clothing that can endure the demands of their active lifestyle.

Accessories to match with Top 10 Popular Shirt Brands in India

When shirts catering from top shirt brands in India under 1000 are paired with matching accessories, the entire style can be enhanced. These accessory ideas go well with each brand.

1. Ozmod shirts

Casual- For a contemporary relaxed style pair your Ozmod shirt with a trendy leather belt and fashionable sneakers. Stay on trend while still feeling at ease.

Formal- To show off your improved professional look, finish your look with a beautiful silk tie, shoes and a sleek leather portfolio.

2. Allen Solly

Casual- To convey a relaxed yet stylish look pair your Allen Solly shirt with a chic leather belt and cosy loafers.

Formal- To add a touch of elegance to your look pair with a classic watch and polished leather dress shoes.

3. Van Heusen

Casual- For a joyful, stylish style you must pair your Van Heusen shirt with a trendy leather bracelet and aviator sunglasses.

Formal- To show off your outstanding style, complete your look with a fashionable tie and a pocket square that matches and elegant cufflinks.

4. Louis Philippe

Casual- For an elegant yet casual look you must wear a Louis Philippe shirt with a fashionable leather wallet and an ordinary watch.

Formal- To display professionalism and elegance make a statement with a soft tie which is neat and tidy and a chic leather shoes.

5. Peter England

Casual- For a contemporary friendly look you pair your Peter England shirt with a sporty canvas belt and an elegant watch.

Formal- Finish off your elegant business appearance which add a touch of perfection with a silk tie or leather Oxford shoes and a sleek leather portfolio.

6. Arrow

Casual- For a versatile, daily style wear your Arrow shirt with an iconic pair of sunglasses and a classic leather belt to keep it fashionable but timeless.

Formal- In order to balance out your elegant look it add a touch of refinement with a silk tie, polished leather formal footwear and a sleek leather briefcase.

7. Raymond

Casual- For a simple fashionable, carefree look you must pair your Raymond shirt with a silky scarf and sleek leather shoes.

Formal- To look elegant and stylish in any formal circumstance you must select a silk tie, polished leather Oxford shoes and a sleek leather wallet.

8. Indian Terrain

Casual- For a rough, outdoor feel, pair your Indian Terrain shirt with a durable leather boot and a canvas belt.

Formal- Finish your business-casual outdoor outfit with a helpful leather backpack, leather dress shoes and a linen tie to maintain both elegance and practicality

9. Wrangler

Casual- For a cool, cowboy-inspired appearance pair your Wrangler shirt with a belt that radiates Western style and classic cowboy boots to embrace the Wild West mood.

Outdoor- For an exciting outdoor adventure choose a durable hiking boot and a canvas bag to go with your Wrangler shirt.

Ideal colour matches of trouser to wear with shirts hailing from popular shirt brand in India

Selecting colour is one of the toughest work. Here are some popular shirt colours which will go well with shirts manufactured from these popular shirts brands in India.

1. Allen Solly

Casual- For an elegant contrast pair with olive green, navy blue, or burgundy bottoms.

Formal- For a professional look choose for serene patterns like pinstripes or checks or timeless hues like white or light blue.

2. Van Heusen

Casual- For an elegant yet joyful look you must combine shirts with grey, charcoal or khaki jeans.

Formal- For a polished and formal look select solid colours like light grey, sky blue or pale pink.

3. Louis Philippe

Casual- For a stylish and classic style pair with camel, chocolate brown or beige bottoms.

Formal- To go well with the perfection of Louis Philippe shirts choose colours that are solid like navy blue, black or white.

4. Peter England

Casual - For an attractive and flexible look you pair with olive green, navy blue or denim pants.

Formal - For a sleek and glossy look go with traditional colours like charcoal, grey or black.

5. Mufti

Casual- For a challenging urban-inspired fashion pair with olive green, black, or dark wash denim bottoms.

Formal- In a professional atmosphere, mufti shirts can be bold. Instead go for solid colors like charcoal, navy blue or gray.

6. Arrow

Casual- For a classic and flexible look pair with beige, cream or light brown bottoms.

Formal- For a calm yet elegant style that goes well with Arrow shirts pick out solid colours like light blue, pink or lavender.

7. Raymond

Casual- For an elegant and refined look, pair with camel, beige or light grey bottoms.

Formal- To highlight the classic style of Raymond shirts select neutral colours like white, light grey or pastels.

8. Indian Ground

Casual- For a natural and outdoor look coordinate with warm hues like rust, olive green or khaki.

Formal- For a polished and formal look, opt for shades of grey, brown or charcoal.

9. Wrangler

Casual - For an effective and bold look, pair with khaki, tan bottoms or denim jeans.

Outdoor- To highlight the durability of Wrangler shirts in nature, choose earthy colours like mustard yellow, brown or forest green.

10. Avenue Park

Casual- For a sleek and modern look combine it with navy blue, grey or black bottoms.

Formal- To create a delicate and classy look which goes well with Ozmod shirts, choose classic hues like white, light blue or pale pink.


In conclusion, it is obvious that the top 10 popular shirt brands in India offer a wide range of styles and craftsmanship to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Every brand provides a unique combination of creativity, high quality and innovative designs which makes them popular with customers all over the nation.

The widely populared smart casual look of Ozmod or the rugged allure of Wrangler have earned these brands a spot in Indian consumers' hearts and wardrobes. They continue to define and shape India's fashion scene with their unwavering dedication to quality and acute awareness of changing trends by providing something unique for every person.


1. What are the top 5 popular shirt brand's India?

Ans - The top 5 popular shirt brand in India are Ozmod, Allen solly, Van hussen, Peter England and Louis Philips.

2. What are the accessories that will shine most with shirts hailing from popular shirt brand in India?

Ans - Accessories which will go well your shirts hailing from popular shirt brands in India are leather belt, classic watch, tie, loafer etc.

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