Things to consider when buying online

Things to consider when buying online


  1. Which is the best Fit for you in Mens Shirt?
  2. Which mens shirt colours will suit your skin?
  3. Which color should men wear in which season?
  4. What mens shirt style will suit you the best?
  5. What are the fabrics mostly available in Mens Shirts?
  6. What occasions should you wear a shirt?

When buying men's shirts online, several factors should be considered to ensure you get the best fit, style, and color for your needs. Here are some guidelines for each aspect:




  1. Neck : Some brands use neck size as the standard measurement.

How to measure neck for shirt - Put a measure tape around the neck & measure neck circumference (This is where the collar would sit also allow for a finger's width of space)

  1. Chest : Put a measure tape (under your arm) and circle it around the chest keep space to breath.

Pls note this is considered as your ready chest size you need to select the shirt which states the measurement which are bigger to the ready size Example – If your ready chest size is 38 you need see if the brands chart states Chest as 40 or 42 which means you will have 2 or 4 inches of losing which is needed for mobility like driving, writing etc.

  1. D) Waist : Put a measure tape (around Navel) and circle it around the chest keep space to breath. This is a very important measurement in INDIAN body and sizing. You must be aware that not all Indian bodies are perfectly shaped and tend to have a slight or more bulge on the stomach.

Hence when selecting a shirt make sure to check the waist. If you are well shaped and in good form you may go for a SLIM FIT but if you have a slight bulge or tummy, go for regular or custom fit.

  1. E) Hips : Proceed to Hips and measure same way by circling the measurement around.

The process of hips measurement and selecting fit is the same as the chest specifics mentioned above. Check the for Slim Fit, Regular Fit , Custom fit based on the measurements mentioned by the brand in the hips and make your final fit selection.

  1. F) Length : The Length of the shirt is considered as the MOST important aspect in mens shirts dressing. If you

are some one who always tucks his shirt in then you need to take a slightly longer length but if you like your shirts left out then you need to opt for a mid-thigh length. Now take the length that you would like to wear in shirts (Ideally wear / measure a shirt that you like on you for the length) This measurement is taken for the HSP (Highest Shoulder Point) which is basically the shoulder part above your collar bone. Measure from HSP to the Mid-thigh if you keep it out and longer if you like to tuck it in. Another easier way to wear your best fitted shirt and measure that shirt to check if the new product matches to your favourite fit.

  1. G) Sleeves : Based on you liking you may choose a full sleeve of Half sleeves. While the full sleeves will be

measured from shoulder end till the half of the thump. The Half Sleeves will be measured from shoulder end to the 3/4th of the BICEPs.

  1. H) Shoulder: This is a fairly easy process just ask some one to measure your shoulder size from one end of the

shoulder to the other end. You can also wear a shirt that fits your well and just measure from one end of the shoulder seam to the other end.




So you need to find the size which is bigger or more than this for example your chest is 40 READY then if your see the measurement chart of the Brand and it shows 42 then you should go for 42 Size .

Pls note if your body is bit oblong as in a paunch on waist then done go for SLIM fits go for regular fits, If you want to for slim fit then go for 44 Size for 40 chest. So if u Have a 40 chest and lets say 38 waist then a 40 slim fit will not fit you correctly you will need to buy a 42 slim fit.

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