Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India

Indian fashion has evolved over the years, people are now more considerate about what they are wearing, the expressions, quality , and style of the outfits. Shirts are one of the most common picks for Mens wardrobe that goes well with both casual and formal outfits. Despite the wide variety of options available, intelligent customers are frequently drawn to some of the best shirt brands and styles because of their excellent quality and stylish designs.

In this article we will discuss the top 10 branded shirts for men in India and why these shirts are so famous and important for a man's wardrobe. Modern men have different preferences and tastes, so these shirts are highly valued for their excellent tailoring, high-quality fabrics and an insane attention to details. In this article we will look upon companies that have an extensive range of options to fit any occasion and style, whether you're looking for a sharp, formal shirt for business meetings or a more relaxed option for weekend and outings.

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Due to their sophisticated look and reliable quality, these shirts have established a devoted consumer base and an international reputation for excellence and reliability. These companies, which value comfort and style, are experts at making shirts that fit and look fantastic. Shirts also have an impact on the image of the brand. Better the quality, Looks, and fabrics are used the better the company is considered.

Companies in India use the principles of quality, authenticity and customer satisfaction for their growth and brand success.These companies have proved to be the best in the business by strictly going with there rules and following the trends with creativity and best quality product they make. These shirts are reliable allies supporting men in feeling and looking their best for any circumstance, whether in a boardroom or at a social event.

10 Best Branded Shirts for Men in India

According to our research, we have researched and refined some of the Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India that offers you best from the rest.


The exquisite designs and superior fabric quality of Ozmod shirts perfectly convey modern elegance. Attractive to the sophisticated man, they offer a smooth blend of comfort and flair. Ozmod offers an extensive selection that fits various tastes and events, ranging from eye-catching designs to delicate colours.

Each shirt is handcrafted with attention to detail, which guarantees a flawless fit and classic style. With their modern yet classic style, shirts add flair to any clothing, whether it's worn for formal occasions or more relaxed get-togethers so its importanted brand to be added in Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India.

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Arrow shirts ranked in Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India are famous because their high-quality materials are the pinnacle of sophistication and elegance. Their traditional styles are updated with modern components, making them suitable for formal and informal environments.

These shirts are known for their outstanding durability and exquisite finishing, providing long-lasting quality that endures time. Every shirt, whether it's the traditional white shirt or an updated patterned design, radiates confidence and flair, which makes it a go-to option for the discriminating man.

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Peter England

Peter England shirts makes in the 3rd position Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India as they represent a masterpiece of traditional style and fine craftsmanship. Their superb tailoring and attention to detail provide a comfortable and fashionable fit, and they offer an extensive selection that is suitable for a variety of occasions.

Known for their classic style, these shirts are made to endure changing fashion trends and are a reliable option for guys looking to add enduring refinement to their collections.

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Louis Philippe shirts

Ranked among Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India, Louis Philippe shirts are known for their superior quality and meticulous dedication to detail, which makes them a symbol of sophistication and class.

Made from the best material, they provide outstanding comfort and an accurate fit. Shirts from this brand are perfect for professional and formal settings since they are designed with elegance, representing the brand's dedication to classic sophistication.

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Van Heusen's shirts

Van Heusen's shirts perfectly exemplify how classic tailoring and modern design can coexist by producing customizable clothes that radiate confidence and style. Made from high-quality materials, they effectively combine refinement and comfort.

It stands out for its innovative characteristics, which include moisture-wicking technology and wrinkle-free fabrics. These qualities ensure a polished look and long-lasting comfort by making them the preferred option for discriminating people looking for both fashion and usefulness.

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Raymond shirts

In line with the brand's long tradition in textile manufacturing, Raymond shirts are recognized for their excellence and creativity. They seamlessly blend sophistication and modern flair because of their superb fabrics and flawless quality.

It pays close attention to detail to suit a broad spectrum of preferences by offering anything from formal shirts that are beautifully designed to casual selections that radiate classic elegance. Raymond shirts represent refined style in both formal and informal contexts, which makes them a go-to option for individuals who value unparalleled elegance and craftsmanship.

Allen Solly shirts

Allen Solly shirts have been praised and ranked in Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India for their eye-catching colour and trendy designs, which appeal to the fashionable man who is ready to try out new looks. Made from excellent materials, they perfectly blend contemporary style and comfort.

This company also focuses on casual wear, and its shirts add uniqueness to any outfit with their distinctive motifs and patterns. For people who appreciate contemporary design and uniqueness in style, Allen Solly shirts are a must-have because of their ability to subtly boost any ensemble with their eye-catching prints and vivid colour schemes.

Park Avenue shirts

Park Avenue shirts have been created for the city guy who loves elegance and style equally. Their innovative styles and high-quality materials ensure a perfect fit and unmatched comfort. It also offers an extensive range to fit every occasion and choice, from classic formal shirts to stylish casual choices.

Their shirts are a go-to option for men seeking smart yet adaptable wardrobe staples since they easily combine modernity and elegance, whether it's for a casual outing or a business meeting.

Blackberry shirts

With their clean lines and modern patterns, Blackberry shirts are the epicentre of contemporary style and flawless tailoring. Made from excellent materials, they radiate elegance with a hint of modernity. It provides a flexible range to fit different events, whether for business purposes or informal get-togethers.

Every piece of clothing, from elegant formal shirts of this brand, is appropriate for business settings to carefree casual shirts perfect for everyday wear. It was also included in Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India for brands dedication to sophistication and style by making Blackberrys a top pick for discriminating men.

Indian Terrain shirts

The tough outdoor environment serves as a template for Indian Terrain shirts and is also ranked in Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India for its emphasis on robustness and practicality in their designs. Made from premium materials, they blend comfort and style seamlessly for daily use.

Utility pockets and reinforced stitching are useful details that set their casual shirts apart and improve the clothing's look and feel. It is the best go-to option for men looking for trustworthy and stylish apparel appropriate for a variety of activities and events because of its emphasis on durability and versatility.

Famous clothing material to match with these top 10 Brands Shirts for Men in India

Here are some well-known fabrics that are frequently used in men's fashion to go alongside the top 10 Indian shirt companies

Blend of Cotton and Polyester- This fabric combines the natural comfort of cotton with the sturdiness and resistance to wrinkles of polyester by making it ideal for formal shirt brands such as Raymond and Louis Philippe.

Silk- Known for its luxurious items, Louis Philippe and Wills Lifestyle are two brands that go well with silk shirts. Silk shirts offer a touch of elegance and elegance for special occasions or opulent formal dresses.

Cotton- Known for versatility and breathability, cotton is an excellent choice for shirts like Van Heusen, Peter England and Arrow. It is also extremely pleasant to wear.

Linen- Renowned for its airy yet stylish offerings, brands like Allen Solly, Ozmod, and Indian Terrain are ideal for linen because they give off an airy, lightweight vibe that is ideal for casual shirts.

Twill- Known for its elegant and classy designs, Twill fabric offers a smooth finish and an appearance of sheen, which makes it suitable for formal shirts from companies like Park Avenue and Blackberrys.

Poplin- Known for its classic structures and professional casual wear, Van Heusen and Arrow are two companies that sell formal and business shirts that are perfect for Poplin's crisp and silky texture.

Denim- Known for its casual and outdoor-inspired collections, businesses like Allen Solly and Indian Terrain are excellent choices for denim shirts because they are tough and durable.

Accessories to match with Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men in India.

Any outfit, which consists of men's top-brand shirts can be made more fashionable with matching accessories. The following is a list of accoutrements that go beautifully with these shirts.

Classic Leather Belt- A fine leather belt in black or brown can elevate any look. For an elegant look go with a belt that matches the colour of your shoes.

Stylish Watch- A stylish watch may make an important statement as an addition to your outfit. Choose a watch that fits well with the pattern and hue of the clothing you are wearing.

Smart Casual Shoes- You may pair your shirt with suede derbies, brogues or loafers depending on the occasion. For an organised look you must match the colour of your shoes with your belt.

Tailored Trousers- Pair your branded shirt with trousers or pants that fit well. Pick matching colours that are neutral for the shirt such as grey, khaki or navy.

Pocket Square- While dressing for a formal event, think about including a pocket square in your outfit. To give your clothes an extra touch of refinement, pick a pocket square in a complementary colour or design.

Classy Sunglasses- Sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from the sun's rays and instantly improve your look. Go for classic styles that suit most face shapes including wayfarers or aviators.

Leather Wallet- Change your old wallet with a trendy leather one that matches with your shoes and belt colour. A simple style will coordinate well with your attire without making your pockets seem heavier.


As we arrive at the end of our article on the top 10 branded shirts for men in India, it is clear that these industry leaders in fashion have transformed clothing with unique products. They have raised the bar for quality, flair and innovation, also their combined influence on the industry is evident.

These brands, which appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences, capture the essence of Indian fashion. Each company has created a niche that appeals to a particular market segment, whether through traditional designs or modern trends. There is something for everyone because of this diversity, which also represents the rich tapestry of Indian culture, regardless of occasion or personal taste.

Their constant commitment to quality is one of these brands' distinctive characteristics. Their products constantly surpass expectations, whether it's due to their unique design processes, superior materials, or precise craftsmanship. Their persistent commitment to superiority has won them the respect and loyalty of their customers, which has also solidified their position as leaders in the field.

In addition, these businesses have had an important impact on Indian menswear trends. They have altered the norms of style and pushed the limits of creativity with their avant-garde designs and creative methods. By doing this, they enabled customers to express themselves through fashion in addition to meeting their changing demands.


Q1- What are the top 10 branded shirts for men in India?

ANS- Some of the top men's shirt brands in India include Ozmod, Louis Philippe, Arrow, Van Heusen, Raymond, Peter England, Allen Solly, Mufti, Park Avenue, Blackberrys, and Indian Terrain. These brands offer quality fabrics, designs and styles catering to various preferences and occasions.

Q2- Why is Ozmod considered to be more reliable than others?

Ans- Ozmod provides affordable yet fashionable clothing for men. Trendy designs, an extensive range of clothing ranging from ethnic to casual wear, affordable rates and widespread availability throughout India through its retail locations are some of the essential aspects that make fashion accessible to all demographics.

Q3- Different best colour option for mens shirt?

Ans- The best colour options for men's shirts depend on personal style, occasion and skin tone. Versatile choices like white, light blue and grey are timeless classics suitable for various settings. Navy and black offer sophistication, while pastels add a subtle pop. Ultimately, it's about finding what complements individual preferences and looks.

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