Which color will suit me

Which color will suit me


Shirt selection based on your skin tone


Your skin tone plays a crucial role in determining which colors suit you best. Generally: If you have a warm skin tone, earthy tones like browns, warm reds, and earthy greens can complement your complexion.

 Colours Selection based on the complexion-

If you have a cool skin tone, blues, cool greys, and greens are often more flattering.

Neutral colours like black, white, and grey can be versatile and work for most skin tones. Experiment with different colours to find what you feel most comfortable and confident in.



Colours You SHOULD Wear

You should seek to bring medium contrast into you outfits.

You can do this by introducing darker pieces such as navy, brown, burgundy, olive and dark green.

Generally, neutrals are a no-no. If you want to bring in colour from that palette, then you should introduce pieces with a darker hue, such as camel or khaki. You will be fine with lighter, non-pastel colors, such as sky blue & lilac.

However, these won’t look as good as richer shades.



Colours to AVOID

As mentioned earlier, you should avoid light pastel shades and super bright colours, as they will wash you out. They do not create enough of a contrast. (And are usually ugly.)

You should also avoid colours as harsh as black, as they will create too much of a contrast.





 Colours You SHOULD Wear Colours You SHOULD Wear

With olive skin, you fall in between the spectrum, giving you the freedom to wear a wider variety of colours.

As a rule of thumb, you should wear shades that are not at the same ‘intensity level’ as your skin tone. For example, burgundy, richer reds or bright pink. These are still creating a contrast opposed to something such as medium red, which would be at the same intensity of your skin and blend in more.

Shades of green (that aren’t olive) help to enhance your natural colour and make it pop.


 Colours to AVOID 

Stay away from medium intensities of colours which will blend in with your skin and wash you out.

Also, avoid is olive, as it, as you’ve probably guessed, doesn’t create enough of a contrast


Wear anything apart from your skin tone




 Colours You SHOULD Wear

You should gravitate towards darker ‘safe’ colours, such as navy, burgundy and dark green.

For a bit of colour, you should introduce richer shades into your wardrobe, such as royal blue.

Colours to AVOID

Light brown is a beautiful, rich colour.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is the hardest to dress for. This is because it is very easy to clash with the natural vibrancy it provides. Even though your skin tone is, in theory, darker than someone with perhaps an olive tone, the specific brown tint would not agree with lighter colours. For this reason, you should stay away from light colours and pastels such as sky blue or bright yellow, and let the skin tone speak for itself. On top of this, you should not wear clothing in olive, brown, orange or medium to light reddish tones, as they do not provide enough of a contrast




Colours You SHOULD Wear

People with brown skin can bring in lighter colours without fear of being washed out, as they have a darker baseline.

They are able to look equally as awesome in darker colours as they are in lighter colours.

You should lean towards light pastels, like creamy yellow and light blue, in addition to the ‘safe’ darker colours.


 Colours to AVOID

You should stay away from colours that are close to your skin tone, as they will blend in and wash you out.

These colours include dark brown earthy colours, and some members of the red family.

 Wear anything apart from your skin tone


Colours You SHOULD Wear

Guys with black-brown skin also look incredible in pretty much any colour.

This goes all the way from the ‘safe’ darker colours, to lighter, brighter and bolder colours, such as pink or different pastels. One colour that I personally feel looks incredible on black-brown skin is black.

Colours to AVOID

You do not have to worry how to dress for your skin tone – but you have to use your power of colour invincibility wisely. With great power comes great responsibility.

 So, no mixing multiple bold colours together – each colour might look dank on you individually, but together, not so much. And, in line with all the rest of the previous advice in this article, you will want to stay away from super low contrast colours, such as brown.

 Wear anything apart from your skin tone


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