Best Checkered Shirts Brands for Men

10 Best Checkered Shirts Brands for Men in India 2024

In the constantly changing field of menswear the checkered shirt is a traditional item of clothing that mixes both fashion and utility. Finding the perfect checkered shirt however can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack due to the enormous amount of brands competing for clients' attention. That's why, we have carefully compiled an extensive list of the 10 best checkered shirt brand for men. All of these shirts are well known for their excellent workmanship, chic styles and unrivalled ease.

There's a checkered shirt for every event and fashion sense whether you're searching for eye-catching prints that pop or more muted patterns. These companies have made a name for themselves in the market by continually producing clothing that meets expectations. They include well-known luxury brands as well as well-liked items from the high street.

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These brands are renowned for their remarkable craftsmanship and dedication to innovation. Every shirt is handcrafted with care to provide an ideal fit and excellent craftsmanship, ensuring that you will continuously feel and look your best. There is a checkered shirt that fits both slim-fit and go cuts so it may match any body type and preference.

Also, these companies understand the value of prices without sacrificing quality. You can be confident that you're obtaining great value for your money whether you're looking to invest in a luxury piece or are on a tight budget.

Top 10 Checkered Shirt Brand for Men

These are 10 prominent Indian brands that are well-known for their checkered shirts.

Ozmod checkered shirts-

Checkered shirts from Ozmod are the pinnacle of comfort and adaptability, which is perfect for the active lifestyle of the modern Indian man. These shirts are made of premium materials and provide the ideal mix of fashion and utility by making them outstanding for outdoor activities and casual gatherings.

For people who value convenience and style equally, these checkered shirts are an essential item of clothing because of their outstanding comfort and functional design. Due to its versatile range and premium offering, OZMOD comes at the top in our list of 10 best Checkered shirt Brand for men in India.

Park Avenue's checkered shirts-

Stylish and professional, the brand luxurious checkered shirt are perfect for formal events and work settings. These shirts provide excellent comfort and style because they are skillfully created from premium fabrics.

Checkered shirts are known for their uniqueness and perfect style. These shirts are perfect for making a casual and a bold statement together because of its vibrant and solid designs.

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Blackberry's checkered shirts-

Blackberry is one of the oldest brands in the business. Their shirts are famous for classic and authentic designs. These shirts are made using premium material which makes the shirts standout amongst other shirt brands.

Checkered shirt from this brand are a true example of excellent quality and design. Blackberry makes shirts for both Casual and formal style wearing attires. Blackberry's market presence and its premium offering has pushed us to give them space in our 10 best Checkered Shirt Brand for men In India.

Raymond's checkered shirt -

Raymond is a company even older than blackberry, began in 1925 in India. Famous for their handmade shirts that are made for every occasion and comprises elegant design.

Mufti checkered shirt -

Mufti is known for its modern and fashionable designs that they portray on to their checkered shirt . Mufti checkered shirt are made with refinement and uniqueness. These shirts are compatible for all occasions and have modern patterns.

Mufti is a India based brand founded by kamal khushlani in 1998. Mufti checkered shirt are a perfect option for people looking for eye-catching shirts in the market.

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Arrow's checkered shirt -

This brand of checkered shirt is one of the first brands to make checkered shirt . Founded in 1850 Arrow still stands as a perfect brand for making beautiful antique designs. It is a brand known for its timeless designs and fine craftsmanship and it offers a carefully chosen selection of checkered shirt that appeal to discerning people.

Arrow checkered shirt are a wardrobe essential for anyone who values refined style as they instantly elevate any ensemble in both formal and informal contexts. Considering it's market presence and quality offering, it has established its place in 10 best Checkered Shirt Brand for men.

Allen Solly checkered shirt -

The checkered shirt by Allen Solly were created to satisfy the demands of the modern Indian gentleman by combining casual charm with refinement. These shirts radiate style and flexibility with their diverse array of motifs and patterns.

For people who care about style, these checkered shirt are a go-to option because they provide the ideal mix of comfort and elegance whether they are worn for work or on relaxation occasions.

Louis Philippe checkered shirt -

Checkered shirt by this famous brand are widely recognized for their superior craftsmanship and classic style. These shirts emanate refinement and style because of their superior quality and careful attention to manufacturing detail.

A mark of class and sophistication, checkered shirt from this brand are chosen by intelligent people who value fine craftsmanship. Their modest yet elegant style elevates any look whether it's for a formal event or daily wear.

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Van Heusen's checkered shirt -

Modern style and outstanding artistry come together in Heusen's checkered shirt which are popular among urban Indian professionals. These shirts are extremely well-made by providing the ideal mix of elegance and practicality.

Checkered shirt radiate confidence and sophistication by making them a go-to option for individuals looking for business wear with a modern twist whether for boardroom meetings or after-work events.

Peter England's checkered shirt -

Indian men possess distinct tastes, checkered shirt from this brand have been designed to be affordable without compromising style. These shirts ensure trendiness and versatility with their diverse array of styles and patterns. For individuals looking for stylish yet reasonably priced solutions to add to their wardrobe checkered shirt are a reliable option whether for formal occasions or informal get-togethers.

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Ideal types of checkered shirt

There are many different styles of checked shirts, and each has a distinct look and appeal. These are a few well-liked varieties of checkered shirts.

Tartan checkered shirts

Checkered shirts made of tartan are a Scottish folkwear with elaborated multicoloured patterns and lines that cross across. Every unique tartan pattern has a connection with a particular clan or area which serves as an image of a rich history and custom.

These shirts convey the wearers' cultural identity and heritage and they have great historical value. Tartan checkered shirts are a timeless and elegant fashion statement reflecting traditional Scottish craftsmanship with their brilliant colors and significant designs.

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Gingham checkered shirts

The distinctive two-colour pattern of gingham checkered shirts typically consists of white and another color and is distinguished by small, uniformly spaced checks. These shirts, which are widely recognized for their classic style, look well in both semi-formal and casual situations.

They are a men's wardrobe essential because of their simplicity and flexibility which provide an elegant appearance appropriate for a wide range of settings. Gingham checkered shirt radiate subtle elegance and carefree charm whether they are worn with jeans for an informal look or with pants for a more formal approach

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Madras checkered shirts

Indian-made Madras checkered shirt are renowned for their colourful, patchwork-like designs. These shirts are made of light cotton and are perfect for warm weather and also for carefree events.

Madras shirts are both stylish and culturally significant because of their beautiful patterns and vivid colours, which capture India's rich heritage of culture. Madras checkered shirt are excellent for adding a splash of colour to any outfit and give off a relaxed summery mood that's ideal for casual get-togethers and adventures outdoors.

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Buffalo Plaid checkered shirts

Bold, large-scale checks in opposing hues most notably red and black set apart buffalo plaid shirts. This raw and rustic look conveys an air of classic Americana and outdoor adventure. Buffalo plaid shirts are a common choice for casual wear especially outdoors because of their natural appeal.

These shirts, which are suitable for both every day and camping wear, have a natural yet stylish vibe that brings uniqueness to any ensemble and embodies a timeless sense of style.

Tattersall checkered shirts

Fragile and evenly spaced lines that cross to create the traditional checkered pattern are what distinguish Tattersall checkered shirts apart. These shirts which often come in subdued colours like blue, green or brown radiate elegance and class.

Tattersall shirts are great for smart-casual or business-casual outfits since they give off an elegant look that works well for a variety of settings. They are a flexible wardrobe choice for guys looking for a smart yet modest style because of their discreet yet attractive design which adds depth and substance to any outfit.

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Micro checkered shirts

Micro checkered shirts feature tiny closely spaced checks that provide a stylish yet understated pattern. The shirt gets depth and texture from this modest design which adds visual appeal without dominating the entire outfit. Micro-checkered shirts are an essential addition to any man's wardrobe for those who want a delicate and elegant look.

They are adaptable and can be worn both casually and formally. Micro checkered shirts add a stylish touch to any look whether they are worn with jeans for a laid-back evening or a suit for a formal occasion.

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Windowpane checkered shirts

The huge square-shaped checks that resemble window panes are a unique pattern found on windowpane checkered shirts. This design's simple look gives every ensemble a subtle yet profound sense of elegance. Windowpane shirts are extremely versatile and go well with both formal and casual circumstances. They are an essential piece for any wardrobe.

Windowpane checkered shirts exude timeless elegance and advanced style whether they are buttoned up with tailored pants for a formal event or down with jeans for a more casual vibe.

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Pin Check checkered shirts

A smoothed and sophisticated image is given by the elaborate pattern of tiny pin-sized checks that characterise pin-checkered shirts. The shirt's fragile yet recognizable design gives it a sense of understated elegance which makes it ideal for social occasions and work settings.

The garment's overall appearance is enhanced by the subtle checks which convey a feeling of perfection and attention to detail. Pin-checkered shirts radiate a timeless charm that is both elegant and adaptable as they perfectly strike a balance between refinement and delicacy.


Though they aren't technically considered checkered shirts, houndstooth shirts feature a distinct broken checkered pattern that looks like hound teeth. This stunning and eye-catching design gives classic checkered shirts a contemporary twist by providing an original spin on timeless apparel.

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Graph-checkered shirts give off a modern and minimalist look thanks to their grid-like pattern and tiny, square-shaped checks. Men who are fashion-forward and looking for subtle elegance will like this geometric pattern.


In conclusion, a variety of choices are provided by the 10 Best checkered Shirt brand for Men which satisfy the wide range of consumer tastes. The unique combination of quality, affordability and style provided by each brand facilitates Indian men in selecting the ideal checkered shirt for any given event.

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These companies appeal to a broad range of tastes and prices, from Louis Philippe's outstanding quality and elegance to Ozmod's contemporary and stylish designs. There is a brand to fit every person's personality traits, whether they are looking for an understated, sophisticated style from Arrow or a new take on fine craftsmanship from Van Heusen.

Also, an extensive range of customers may afford high-quality checkered shirts because of the accessible ways offered by companies like Peter England. In the end, these ten brands not only provide stylish and cozy solutions but also capture India's constantly shifting and dynamic fashion scene.

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Shirts from these top 10 brand for Men have become a sign of sophistication and style for the modern man thanks to these firms' constant commitment to quality and innovation which continues to influence and reinvent men's fashion.


Q1- What are checkered shirts?

Ans- Shirts with a pattern of tiny, evenly distributed squares usually in two alternate colours, are called checked shirts. They offer a timeless yet versatile look which makes them a popular choice in men's fashion.

Q2- Which are top 10 Checkered shirts brands for men in India?

Ans- Here is a list of top 10 Checkered shirts brands for men in India. These are Ozmod, Allen Solly, Louis Philipe, Arrow, Van Hussen, etc. You can purchase any shirt from these 10 Checkered shirts brands for men in India.

Q3- Why are guys drawn to checkered shirts?

Ans- Men love checkered shirts as a result of their classic style and versatility. They can be worn for an array of events, from semi-formal gatherings to informal outings since they can be dressed up or down.

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