Best Casual Shirt Brands in India

10 Best Casual Shirt Brands in India (2024)

The rising demand for casual shirts in India across time is evidence of a shift in the country's fashion tastes towards comfort and style. Whether used for semi-formal events or casual events, casual shirts are versatile wardrobe essentials that fit in with ease.

Choosing the best casual shirt brands in India, companies might be difficult with the numerous options available. But a few important criteria might point buyers in the direction of respectable companies that are well-known for their affordability, style and quality.

First of all, a casual shirt's comfort and longevity are largely determined by the fabric composition. Brands that emphasise premium materials like cotton, linen or their blends typically provide better comfort and breathability which makes them perfect for the Indian environment. Leading companies are also set apart from the competition by their careful attention to detail in the manufacture of their fabrics which includes ensuring softness, resistance to wrinkles and colour preservation.

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The popularity of casual shirts is also influenced by design aesthetics. Customers frequently compliment best Casual Shirt Brands in India that stay up to date with current fashion trends while putting their own flair into their designs. Consumers can show their uniqueness through their clothing selections because of the diversity of design which includes traditional solids, timeless checks and fashionable designs.

Best casual shirt brands in India are identified by their dedication to outstanding quality. The brand's dedication to producing high-quality products can be seen in the attention to craftsmanship, which includes perfect finishing and precise stitching. Shirts from brands that place a high priority on quality control throughout the whole production process usually hold up over time looking good and remaining structurally sound even after lots of washings and wearings.

Moreover, feedback from customers and brand reputation are trustworthy for assessing a company's position in the market. Well-known companies which have a track record of providing consistent excellence and complete client satisfaction tend to have a following of loyal consumers. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews offer valuable data about the whole brand experience, covering elements like value, customer assistance, and after-sales care.

The popularity of best casual shirt brands in India is influenced by a number of variables including availability and cost in addition to product quality and design. Brands that effectively combine price and quality attract more consumers and satisfy a range of financial needs. A brand's market presence is further strengthened by its broad availability through both online and physical retailers which guarantees accessibility to customers nationwide.

Top 10 casual shirt brands in India

Top 10 casual shirt brands in India

Several Indian brands have become well-known for their premium casual shirts, which blend comfort, style and affordability. While choices can vary according to personal preferences and needs these are some of the best casual shirt brands in India that regularly meet these criteria.

1. Ozmod

Ozmod innovative patterns draw attention towards their casual shirts appeal to the fashion-conscious younger generation because of their unique prints, bright patterns and fresh appeal. Every shirt radiates uniqueness and creativity by highlighting the brand's dedication to innovative creativity and modern style. Ozmod shirts are popular among people looking to make a fashion statement as they radiate energy and style. These astonishing feature help this brand to top the list in best casual shirt brand in India.

2. Peter England - Premium shirt brand in India

An extensive collection of casual shirts by Peter England combines informal charm with refinement. Famous for their flawless fit these shirts are accurate and versatile which easily fits into a variety of environments and situations. Peter England shirts suit a variety of tastes by providing the ideal balance of both elegance and cosiness for the sophisticated modern person whether they are worn for smart-casual events or relaxed get-togethers.

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3. Mufti

Mufti is famous for its stylish and trendy casual clothing, which includes an extensive range of shirts. The brand sets itself apart with its innovative designs, high-quality materials and careful attention to detail which ensure that its shirts attract young people who are cognizant of fashion. With its collections of clothing, it easily embodies refinement and trendiness by combining high-quality workmanship with current trends. Its finger on the fashion pulse never disappoints customers looking for clothing that blends comfort and style. As such, it's a top pick for people who want to make a statement with their regular wardrobe.

4. Allen Solly - Best Casual Shirt Brand in India

Allen Solly is admired for its elegant casual wear. Its collection of casual shirts displays a wide range of designs from aesthetic to modern patterns and indicates the combination of classic elegance and modern flair. Crafted with great care from superior fabrics these Allen Solly shirts put comfort and style first so their wearers look comfortable in any situation. Recognized for its superior quality it never fails to attract the attention of those looking for classy yet innovative wardrobe requirements.

5. Levi's

Renowned nationally for its legendary denim, Levi's now extends its expertise to casual shirts which represent a unique combination of tradition and modern style. Respected for its timeless appeal and enduring quality this brand shirts have a reputation for being made with durable craftsmanship. They are essential in wardrobes all over the world since they embrace innovation and history while showcasing timeless designs mixed with modern touches. In addition to being classic pieces Levi's shirts represent a cultural legacy which has been woven across the annals of fashion history.

6. Van Heusen

Van Heusen is well known for its line of casual shirts which carefully combine excellent comfort with modern styles. Made from high-quality fabrics while each shirt emphasises wearability while displaying a contemporary aesthetic. Van Heusen ensures striking the ideal mix of style and utility with their collection of stylish solids, striking patterns, and subtle textures. Van Heusen's casual shirts are proof of the brand's dedication to providing equal parts sophistication and comfort.

7. Indian Terrain - Top Casual Shirt Brand in India

The casual shirts from Indian Terrain are made with the utmost attention to detail which embodies the spirit of outdoor exploration and adventure. The earthy tones, tough fabrics and functional designs of this brand's shirts draw inspiration from nature, convey a feeling of rugged elegance. Indian Terrain makes sure that every shirt seamlessly blends design and functionality, whether it's through a classic chequered pattern or a utilitarian-inspired design. This makes them the perfect partners for both urban and outdoor activities.

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8. Flying Machine's

Flying Machine's casual shirts effortlessly exude a cool and laid-back vibe, and appeal to the younger, modern group. Every shirt is made with the urban millennial in mind, which reflects the latest styles and designs to make sure wearers stand out with confidence. Flying Machine's collection features bold patterns and elegant yet edgy designs which is favourite among people looking to embrace their laid-back feel while also making a fashion statement.

9. Roadster's

Roadster's casual shirts are only available online at sites like Myntra, which exemplify contemporary style. Each shirt is meant to be worn casually, and oozes adventure and urban exploration. Roadster shirts combine modern elegance and extreme care to detail to provide the ideal combination of style and utility. Roadster offers a range of clothing options from faded denim to traditional plaid which suit those who want fashionable pieces that can easily go from the city to outdoor adventures while still representing their active lifestyle.

10. Wrangler

Casual shirts from Wrangler are renowned for their dependability and classic design. Each shirt is crafted with extreme attention to detail along with a tough yet fashionable look by making it a wardrobe must for anyone with an adventurous spirit. Wrangler adds a sense of authenticity and durability to their shirts by embracing tough materials like denim. Wrangler's shirts appeal to anyone looking for timeless quality and carefree flair whether it's a rugged plaid design or traditional denim shirt. It captures the essence of exploration and adventure.

Colours to match with best casual clothing brands in India

While choosing colours for casual shirts from the top Indian brands it's important to take the desired overall look into account as well as the colour of the shirt. The following adaptable colour schemes go well with shirts from well-known Indian brands.

Black Shirt

A bold and elegant look can be achieved with a black shirt. For an eye-catching contrast you must pair it with lighter colours like light grey or white. For a sophisticated and fashionable look you must try deep tones like plum, royal blue or burgundy.

Printed or Patterned Shirt

To make the shirt stand out you must wear it with neutral pants if your casual shirt has striking prints or patterns. Choose denim or pants in neutral shades that go well with the shirt's pattern's prevailing colours.

White Shirts

Classic white shirts look well with almost every colour. For a refined style you can go for neutral colours like grey, navy or beige. Think about pairing it with bright colours like red, yellow or even a brilliant blue for a more remarkable effect.

Blue Shirts

The blue shirt is a very adaptable piece of clothing. For a classic look try pairing them with colours that are neutrals like grey, tan or khaki. You can use complementing colours like mustard yellow, burgundy or olive green with a blue shirt for a more modern style.

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Grey Shirt

Grey shirts have a sleek and modern look. For an elegant minimalist look pair them with black or charcoal. As an alternative you may also use accessories in colours like deep red, emerald green or navy blue.


Top casual shirt brands in India are shining examples of quality, elegance and creativity in the constantly changing world of Indian fashion. Some companies have become well-known among the variety of options receiving praise for their outstanding workmanship and creative designs. These brands attract a wide range of tastes and preferences from urban chic to rough charm and provide clients with an unmatched choice of casual shirts which effectively combine comfort and sophistication.

With its innovative designs and modern style Mufti , Ozmod , Aleen Solly Van Hussen, Jack & Jones, Wrangler, Peter England stands out among the competition and appeals to young, fashionable people making them as the best casual shirts brand in India. Its daring sense of style and dedication to fine materials ensure that every shirt shines out while offering the utmost in comfort.

There is a wide range of alternatives available in the market that cater to every taste and occasion ranging from modern styles to timeless classics. There are numerous choices available to us as consumers and each one offers a unique combination of creativity, quality and visual appeal. With an appreciation of urban chic, refined elegance or raw charm these best casual shirt brands in India appeal to a wide range of fashion tastes which allow people to show their unique personality and confidence with their wardrobe selections. These brands are ultimately defined by the timeless quality, craftsmanship and style they provide to our wardrobes.


1. Which are the premium shirt brands in India?

There are numerous clothing brand in India. With our due research on various parameter, we consider brands like OZMOD, Peter England, Van Heusen etc to accompany as the best men's casual clothing brand in India which offers premium shirts at an affordable prices.

2. List of best casual shirt brands in India.

Ozmod, Van Heusen, Mufti, Wrangler, Roadster are considered to be some of the most popular and best causal shirt brands in India. OZMOD with its unique attribution of Smart Casual shirts range top the list here.

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